On-Call Advanced Blood Glucose Meter

On-Call Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the outstanding performance for Healthcare Professionals and Diabetics. It is the answer to additional request from Healthcare Professionals and Diabetics:

- Available for Capillary, Venous and Neonatal Blood testing

- Accurate and Dependable

- Safe and Convenient

- Simple and Quick Testing with Tiny Blood Sample

- Advanced Features for Diabetics.



- Meal-marker included to monitor results before and after meal.

- Five (5) customizable test reminders help remind patients to test when required.

- Ketone warning suggests patient to test ketones.

- Hypo and hyper warning remind necessary action.

- Automatic insufficient sample check to ensure error free testing.

- Wide operating temperature range of 5 - 45oC allows testing in almost any environment.

- Long battery life - up to 3 000 tests.

- 7, 14. 30, 60 and 90-day averaging allows users to quickly assess glucose results over these periods.

- Substantial meter memory allows up to 300 tests, with date and time.

- USB Data Transfer Cable and Convenient Software allow easy download to PC and better data management.



Glucose Test Range

10 – 600 mg/dL ( 0.6 – 33.3 mmol/L)

Result Calibration

Plasma – Equivalent


Fresh whole blood (Capillary, Venous, Neonatal)

Minimum Sample Size

0.8 µL

Test Time

5 seconds


Two (2) CR 2032 3.0V coin cell battery

Battery life

3 000 tests

Glucose Units

The meter is pre-set to either mmol/L or mg/mL, depending on the local standard.


Up to 300 records with time and date


2 minutes after last action

Automatic Shutoff

90 x 58 x 21 mm

Meter Size (LxWxH)

41 x 37 mm

Display size (LxW)

66 gram (including battery)


+5 ~ 45oC

Operating Temperature

10 – 90%

Hematocrit Range

20 – 70%

The On-call Advanced Blood Glucose Monitoring System uses GDH-PQQ enzyme which can not distinguish glucose, maltose, galactose or xylose contained in blood, therefore maltose, galactose and xylose may falsely elevate the blood glucose reading when present in the bloodstream of diabetic patients.

- To avoid false readings, do not use the On-Call Advanced Blood Glucose Monitoring System if the patient is taking drugs that break down to maltose or galactose. The following represent some drugs that may lead to false readings:

    + Peritoneal displays solutions containing icodextrin (e.g, Extraneal, Icodial)

    + Certain types of intravenous immunoglobullin the rapies (e.g, Octagam 5%)

    + Intravenous solutions containing maltose as a means for patient hydration.

NOTE: To determine if a drug breaks down to maltose or galactose, please consult the drug package insert. The list above is not meant to be an all inclusive list and may be missing other drugs.

- Do not use the On-Call Advanced Blood Glucose Monitoring System during a xylose absorption test.

Blood glucose level readings maybe overestimates if concentration for galactose levels > 10 mg/mL, maltose levels > 13 mg/mL in the blood, or lactose levels > 5 mg/mL