About Hong Thien My


Hong Thien My has been the pioneer and forerunner in manufacturing the chemical-test tubes and expendable materials used in medical assays. Our products are produced on automatic lines with high production capacity according to ISO 13485 standard of Bureau Veritas Danak Organization – Denmark. We make a commitment to provide high quality products with reasonable prices for customers’ convenience, particularly to help reduce the foreign currency expenses of the nation, and to make our products become ecofriendly.

Production capacity

With our modern factory located on an area of about 1000 square meters and the production capacity of 3000-4000 test tubes per day, we make sure to meet all the quantity and quality requirements of the market.

Automatic technology – Our modern production lines are designed to run automatically, in a highly hygienic environment. The quality control system is established and controlled strictly to meet the standard of ISO13485. Products always have the same quality.


                          Automatic labeling system      Automatic solid-chemical-dispensing system
     Automatic liquid-chemical-dispensing system
                        Automatic packing system


The storage areas are clearly classified and scientifically arranged according to GDP standard.



  a. Usual products area

  b. Cold storage area for vaccine and biological products

  c. The area for medicine/ biological products that have just been stored.

  d. The maintenance area for the medicine/ biological products that have just passed the rough check.

  e. The area for the medicine / biological products that are going to be launched to the market.


Medical biological products

Hong Thien My is the leading company in distributing BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS FOR RAPID DIAGNOSIS of famous world-wide companies, such as ABON BIOPHARM, STANDARD DIAGNOSTIC, etc.



Medical devices

Hong Thien My is the distributor of medical diagnostic devices such as Urine Analyzer, OnCall Blood Glucose Monitor of ACON company in the Central and South of Vietnam.


Acon Azure (Diagnostic)
Specializing in in vitro diagnostic testing kits including Diabetes Care, Clinical Chemistry (Urinalysis and Immunoassay EIA/ ELISA).
Acea (Real-time Cell Assay)
Specializing in cell-based assays, providing innovative products and creative solutions.
High Technology
1.  American Standard
2.  Essential products
3.  Good control of various product channels
4.  Stable quality products
5.  Competitive price
6.  Good after-sale services
7.  Rapid products cycle
Global Distribution system in over 130 countries:
1.    Acon USA is in charge of below markets:
  •    Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile
  •    Finland, Canada, Mexico
  •    Philippine, Korea, Taiwan
2.Acon China is in charge of below markets:
  •    Africa
  •    Asean

Chemical substances
Hong Thien My is the importer and nation-wide distributor of the blood group and Latex chemicals of Atlas Medical – with its headquarter in England, and its factory of which in Jordan.



Hong Thien My is the importer and distributor for expendable materials used in medical assays imported from Germany, Italy and China, etc.



Hong Thien My